a method to my madness


(She had envisioned a quest like this for as long as she could recall,

But on the threshold of it, she found herself hesitating. This was not make believe any more)

(It was almost like serendipity.. or manipulation on a brilliant scale Luke Romyn slaves of vallhalla)

I know how mad this is,.

And I know how confused you are,,

I mean if this were real. Really real,

It wouldn’t be here,

Just some mad silly blog

you came across, you looked at cause, what the heck,

If this were real. It wouldn’t be here. It would be in the papers or something. There would be lawyers and official people with important letters behind their names. To tell you ,to let you know, this is so.

Allow me to elucidate the method to my madness.

I do not accept the diagnosis of my madness. I acknowledge that I am in the minority opinion regarding this. But since I’m the only one who might get killed here, my opinion is the only one I listen to.

On the good side no one has tried to kill me since I left San Francisco. There were those gang bangers that had a bit of a brawl on my porch but I beat them off with a wet mop. Nothing like a dirty wet mop in the face to take to fight out of a guy. But other then that, all quiet on the eastern front.

So far. Course so far, I’m just a mad woman yittering away on a mad little blog. I am utterly ignorable. I doubt Boccie has given me a thought at all in the past few years. Course that could change.

Sooner or later Boccie will get that e-mail,, someone one is saying terrible things about you,,

I am not expecting him to send out the zoo crew this time. Really now what would be the point except to prove my sanity and who would want that? And if I did get all dramaticly shot up, I guess the book would get published and on that nice Oprah’s gals book list. Nothing like a dead mad whore to boost sales.

It’s not like killing me would shut me up. Ahhh too late for that, far to late. This mad little blog is already out there, your reading it right now. Go ahead try and put that pony back in the barn.

Course I’ve done the CYA thing. So very mellow dramatic “keep this just in case anything ya know messy happens to me.” Left the info needed to update my blogs, the RIP post I hope wont ever be needed. I figure between that and my twitter peeps and a few other social sites I’ve left the info for, well I figure nothing like a murder to get retweeted all to hell and back.

Boccie could try and send lawyers after me.

Defences to claims of defamation include:

  • Statements made in a good faith and reasonable belief that they were true are generally treated the same as true statements; however, the court may inquire into the reasonableness of the belief. The degree of care expected will vary with the nature of the defendant: an ordinary person might safely rely on a single newspaper report, while the newspaper would be expected to carefully check multiple sources.

  • Opinion is a defence recognized in nearly every jurisdiction. If the allegedly defamatory assertion is an expression of opinion rather than a statement of fact, defamation claims usually cannot be brought because opinions are inherently not falsifiable. However, some jurisdictions decline to recognize any legal distinction between fact and opinion. The United States Supreme Court, in particular, has ruled that the First Amendment does not require recognition of an opinion privilege.[30]

Basically, Boccie in a court of law would have to : A. Prove that he is now and was then nothing more then a legitimate business man with no connections to all the bad stuff I talk about.

B. Then he would have to prove that I am now and was then a sane person. You see you can say stuff that’s just wrong, that’s not libel. Makes you a bit of a fool but not a liar.

I have long detailed papers all signed by doctors all saying I’m a mad person with a paranoid delusion that her former landlord is a mobster.

I think that would be a fun trial to attend. Some one in court trying to prove me sane. I may just try my hand at law for that one and defend myself.


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